Produce for Memodox

Memorise Project for Film and Media Schools

Memodox works with Film and Media Schools worldwide to produce original content under its Memorise project.

Memodox is a great training medium for new documentary film-makers, with a clear brief, great flexibility in subject, structure and language and invaluable continuous feedback.

Contact Memodox to discuss the Memorise project and join other Film and Media Schools in this ground-breaking new professional training initiative.


Independent Producers

Independent Producers in many countries use their talent, skill and local knowledge to produce Memos about the their world. Usually no / low budget, Memos gain revenue through the Memodox platform. Open to all: just contact Memodox for an information pack.


Rights Owners 

Memodox collaborates with rights owners to transform their archives into monetiseable Memos, through the rights-owner's in-house production or introductions to local independent producers or film students, according to requirements.


Contact Memodox to discuss your Memo production plans. We'll explain how we work and help all we can.